A Benefit for Employees That Matters Even More Than Their Salary


A new study found that many employees believe that paid time off should be included in their benefits package. Although benefits packages differ from business to business, it may satisfy your employees to know that some PTO is available.

In an article from Inc. author Brenda Barbosa writes, “According to a survey by TSheets, 88 percent of the 400 respondents surveyed said employers should offer paid time off, while 63 percent said they would decline a job offer from a company that didn’t”.

Barbosa’s article discusses:

  • Why paid time off is so valued by employees
  • Businesses moving away from traditional benefit packages
  • Paid time off being a sound business investment

Barbosa continues, “Many business owners don’t want to have to police their employees to find out whether or not they’re actually sick”. Instead of policing your employees, paid time off offers a limit to how many days employees can take off while still satisfying your employees. Can you leverage the benefits from paid time off in your business?

To read more, see the full article from Brenda Barbosa in Inc. To read more about this study, please visit www.tsheets.com.