Importance of Continuing Professional Development

two business persons

As an accounting professional, you’ve had your fair share of education and training. You may hold multiple degrees and certifications, have completed several internships, and have years of experience under your belt. So, you may be asking yourself, do I really need more? The answer is undoubtedly “yes!”  


Continuing professional development opportunities can include offerings on general subjects, such as leadership classes, or more technical topics, such as innovations in audit technology. Investing even a small amount of your time in these types of workshops, retreats, or courses can help you reap big rewards. A few advantages to continuing your professional development include the following: 


Keeping Your Skills Sharp– the most obvious benefit is ensuring that your skills and knowledge stay relevant and up to date. Even if you received your accreditation as recently as a few years ago, the fast pace of today’s business world means some of your information could already be out of date. You may also be required to complete a certain number of Continuing Professional Education (CPE) hours these courses can fulfill. By pursuing continuing development opportunities, you can enhance your expertise, identify new goals to pursue, or learn about positions you may want to consider adding to your team to increase capacity. 


Networking with New Faces- Another advantage to continuing your professional development is the chance to meet and interact with those outside your immediate sphere of influence. You can establish connections with people who may end up being future colleagues or make a great first impression on someone you admire by attending their workshop and asking thoughtful questions. New relationships can lead to opportunities, and investing in furthering your education shows potential future employers that you’re serious about your growth. 


Filling Your Bucket– Last but certainly not least, continuing professional development can be a great way to recharge your battery when you’re feeling uninspired in your career. You likely joined this field for a reason, but the daily grind of emails and meetings can cause that spark to dim. Taking the time to talk and think about your work from a higher-level perspective can help reinvigorate your passion. Or you may find a whole new aspect of your role to dig into that excites you all over again! 


These are just a few positive impacts that continuing your professional development can have on your career. At Lutz, Selig & Zeronda, we strive to provide all the support you need to take full advantage of these opportunities. If you are looking for a firm that fosters a culture of growth, please visit our careers page today to learn more about open positions!