The Benefits of Serving on a Board of Directors

group of volunteers putting hands on top in park

As you progress as an accounting professional, you will find that a successful career is built on more than just workplace accomplishments. Volunteering outside of the office can help deepen your connection to your community through philanthropy and bring balance to your life by intentionally engaging with a mission that you are passionate about.  

Serving on a board of directors is a great way to volunteer for a cause you support. As a board member, you’ll provide oversight and governance for a nonprofit organization, usually for a term of at least a year. While this role can be a more significant commitment than other types of volunteering, it also has many unique benefits! Here are just a few reasons why you may consider joining a board of directors. 


  • To support a cause that matters to you. The first and most important reason to join a nonprofit board is to get the chance to support a mission that you care about. Make no mistake, being on a board is a big investment of your time and resources. But in exchange, you’ll have a seat at the table, helping to influence decisions that affect the future of an organization and its mission in your community. 
  • To serve in a role where you are needed the most. Boards often need volunteers to serve as treasurer or on finance committees. Filling these roles requires a specific skill set, so finding suitable candidates can be difficult. As an accounting professional, you can provide vital capacity to a board with your experience and insights. Your expertise in financial industries will likely bring much-needed value to an organization you support. 
  • To meet new people outside of your workplace. Another benefit of joining a board is expanding your network outside your current sphere of influence. While you should never join a board as a means of serving your own interests (in fact, care should be taken to avoid and disclose any conflicts), it is natural that you will meet new faces and develop relationships during your term.  
  • To continue your professional development. As a member of a board of directors, you will gain experience that will translate to your professional career. From practical things like “running meetings” or “reviewing proposed budgets” to less tangible skills like “working collaboratively with different personalities” or “planning strategically for the future of an organization” experience on a board of directors will help hone strengths that you will be able to rely on in your career and beyond.   

As you can see, there are many reasons you may want to serve on a board of directors! You can find opportunities to join a board through your local chamber of commerce, or by reaching out directly to a nonprofit organization you are interested in. Please visit our website to learn more about how LSZ and our team members make a difference in our community!