The Secret to a More Enjoyable Career? Specialization

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As an accounting professional, you have a lot of career options. Your skills are in demand! With that comes the opportunity to be choosy and focus on what interests you. Specializing in a niche industry offers benefits you won’t find in more generalized accounting work. Here are a few reasons you might want to consider a specialization and how to establish yourself within niche industries. 

Benefits of Specialization 

You might be asking, “If my skills are applicable in general, why should I choose a specialty? Won’t that limit my potential customer base?” But nothing could be further from the truth! In fact, focusing on a specific industry or industries allows you to offer deeper, more comprehensive services. This increases value for your clients, customer satisfaction and retention, and your earning potential. Additionally, specialization offers a priceless benefit: the ability to focus on work you find gratifying! 

Finding Your Niche 

The benefits of having a specialization are clear, but as we said, you have a lot of options. From transportation to real estate, engineering to non-profit, and everything in between, there are many specialties to choose from. Here are some tips for selecting and breaking into your chosen field.  

  • You’re making a decision about your future, so start by looking inward. Think about things like how much education you will need and the type of environment you enjoy working in. You may even invite an established professional to coffee to learn more about their workdays. Gather information and choose the field or fields that match your goals. 
  • Once you choose your specialties, you will need to stay informed. Subscribe to publications like online journals, listen to podcasts, and turn on news alerts for your chosen industry. Staying current on what is happening will help you understand and anticipate your client’s needs. 
  • Don’t just follow industry news; go where the action is! Joining local industry groups is a great way to learn about trends specific to your area and will allow you to network with and learn from the major players in your chosen field.  

The decision to pursue a specialty has a big impact on your career. Choosing the right niche and working intentionally to connect with that industry can set you on a fulfilling path with a wealth of opportunities you will be excited to pursue.