How Entrepreneurs are Growing Their Businesses in 2017

Growth on wooden table

What are entrepreneurs doing to grow their businesses in the coming year? That’s the question from a new survey of small business owners. Things like the political changes, technology, interest rates, and the employment market are impacting business owners and they are planning the upcoming year accordingly. In her new article from Small Biz Daily, Rieva Lesonsky shares these highlights of the survey:

  • 66% plan to incorporate mobile technology in their businesses
  • 64% plan to network more with other business owners and/or professionals
  • 62% plan to grow their companies (open another location, increase revenues, expand capabilities, etc)
  • 52% plan to hire more employees
  • 49% plan to improve their employee benefits package
  • 55% plan to seek additional capital
  • 46% plan to take out a loan

What are your strategies for the coming year? To read more, see Rieva Lesonsky’s full article from Small Biz Daily.