Project Close Out – 4 Crucial Steps


While often overlooked, the project close out step is one of the key learning experiences and process improvement activities that can be performed during a projects life cycle. By actively closing out a project, you are actively evaluating the success and missteps of a project, as well as ensuring stakeholders are happy and an appropriate archive has been completed.

Listed below are four key areas of focus for your next project closeout:

  1. Project Sponsor Acceptance – Meet with the project sponsor (the customer) to discuss closure around the defined acceptance criteria for your project.
  2. Conduct Project Assessment – Performance assessment should be conducted with project stakeholders, including team members. This step can be as easy as asking two key questions – What went well, and what could have gone better.
  3. Complete Project History/Archive – A main part of managing a project involves managing the files that go along with it – which can become overwhelming if you wait until the end of a project to begin creating your project history. Consider setting this up at the beginning of your project, that way this step becomes more of a final check to ensure its completion.
  4. Celebrate Success – Celebrating success is a key part of the change management process that helps all stakeholders involved move forward with the post project state. It’s also an important factor in making future projects go well.

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