Time and Attendance Systems


There are as many types of businesses as there are time-and-attendance systems. While different businesses have different needs for tracking time-and-attendance, we thought it would be helpful to put together a list of systems that might work best for a variety of business types.


In order to determine the best of the best, we interviewed a number of small business owners and vendors and researched each provider in detail. By comparing services, tutorials, user comments and testing the system we were able to narrow the list to eight contenders.

Here are a few that were at the top of the list:

All Hours- This is a cloud based time-and-attendance system in which workers can clock in and out by using anything from a standard wall clock to a mobile app. Among the many novelties this system offers, real-time presence information and time-off requests and approvals are a few of the more convenient.

Bartronics- This system collects data through terminals and then converts it into a database to generate reports. It features paid-time-off management and automated email generation and reporting. The system also has the ability to keep track of entry time, exit time, department, shift schedule and overtime.

Frekr- Frekr works exclusively with smartphones and tablets that contain cameras. The mobile device is used as an access terminal by businesses, and employees can record their arrivals and departures by scanning a QR code or using an access card.

NOVAtime- NOVAtime not only provides time and attendance solutions, but also a workforce-management system that comes equipped with a badge, biometric and proximity time clocks and integration capabilities that work with any HR or payroll application. Through this system supervisors have the ability to see who is in and out, as well as, which employees are approaching overtime. Cloud-based and on-premise solutions are both offered by NOVAtime.

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