Go Team LCS&Z!


This spring, LCS&Z team members participated in the sixth annual CDPHP Workforce Team Challenge. Over 8,000 runners and walkers competed in this 3.5 mile course through downtown Albany and Washington Park.

Proceeds of this event benefited the Hudson Mohawk Road Runners Club and additional contributions went to Brave Will Foundation, CEO and The Food Pantries for the Capital District.

Although it was just one short month after busy season, the LCS&Z team showed up in strong numbers!

Thank you to the following LCS&Z Team Members for participating: Christopher Cannucciari, Kristin Carminati, Evan Chamberas, Katerina Gaebel, Christy Rittershausen, David Skoney, Sylwia Skoney, and Debi Spain.

For more information and race results, click here.