LCS&Z Continues ThanksGIVING Tradition

Giving Back

LCS&Z strives to give back to the greater Albany area throughout the year, but we know additional assistance for individuals and families is especially important during this time of year. As part of our tradition of giving back to the Capital Region, LCS&Z has established some holiday season traditions of donating to CAPTAIN Youth and Family Services.

Our Thanksgiving tradition involves the Firm and its staff donating food for Thanksgiving baskets to benefit the organization, as we have done for the past four years. CAPTAIN’s drive for Thanksgiving helps local families in need put a holiday meal on their table. This year, LCS&Z was able to donate 13 baskets.

CAPTAIN Youth and Family Services is a volunteer organization that provides support and services to young people, adults, and families in Saratoga County. The organization’s mission is to develop youth leadership and empower individuals and families towards personal growth and self-sufficiency. For more information about the organization, please visit